Mobile ear care service

I am a registered nurse with over 10 years experience, having worked in several settings to include community based roles.

It became apparent that there was a shortage in easily available ear care within the Pembrokeshire area resulting in me setting up this business. 


I offer a comprehensive service either in locally based community venues or the comfort of your own home.

Do you have  hearing loss, ear ache, blocked ears, ringing in your ears - any of these symptoms could be caused by wax. 

Services I offer

Otoscopy - ear examination

Ear wax removal by micro suction

Hearing screening

Supported by ENT , Audiology




Were you aware :-

Hearing loss is very common

In the UK one in five people is affected by hearing loss according to the Royal national institute for deaf people. 

Often hearing loss is 

caused by wax. 

The removal of wax from your ear canal can significantly improve your hearing. 

Hearing loss can be

Linked to a reduced Quality of life

increased isolation

higher risk of falls

also importantly it is a modifiable risk factor in the prevention of dementia


Microsuction is 

the gold standard for ear wax removal

Its Quick


safer than other wax removal methods


Ear Examination

for both ears

Wax Removal

for both ears

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